Our organizational approach comprises structured business areas and a professional leadership committee. The board of directors executes the functions of a supervising body.

Office FCZ / Fanshop

Office FCZ / Fanshop

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Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

Responsible for the FCZ AG operating company

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FC Zurich
Helen-Keller-Strasse 60
8051 Zürich
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Organisation FC Zurich

The FCZ AG operating company was founded in 1971 and, as such, is responsible for the professional football section as well as the junior sections from the U12s up to the U21s. The FCZ LetziKids (U8s to U12s) are not integrated into the FCZ AG operating company, but are part of the club FC Zurich. From a legal point of view, the FCZ Ladies are an independent club.

The objectives of the company are the organization, encouragement and development of football; particularly, professional football with a corresponding license.

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