FC Zurich Beat FC Thun 2-1
Yassine Chikhaoui Appointed New FC Zurich Captain

FC Zurich Beat Local Rivals Grasshopper Club 1-0

FC Zurich have had a successful start to the 2014/2015 season: they beat local rivals Grasshopper Club 1-0 this afternoon.

Both teams concentrated on their defence during the opening minutes of the encounter and didn’t take too many chances as neither of them wanted to risk defeat in the first match of the new season.

But after about an hour, FC Zurich’s offence finally showed up in front of their opponents‘ goal: Gilles Yapi played a cross into the box, where Yassine Chikhaoui got his head to the ball and found Amine Chermiti. Unfortunately for the home side though, this play by Zurich’s two Tunisians was not to be crowned with success – the ball hit the crossbar. The home team, however, got into the game a little better now and started to gain the upper hand. Still before the half-time break, a shot from long range by Francisco Rodriguez was just marginally wide.

After the break, FC Zurich speeded up the action on the pitch. A first try again by Chermiti went directly into the arms of Grasshopper keeper Davari, but just a few moments later, Davide Chiumiento finally found the back of the net when he curled the ball over the keeper, putting his side 1-0 in the lead. The visitors were not able to show a reaction to this deficit. FC Zurich, on the other hand, could have scored a few more goals on counterattacks by Rossini and Buff during the final 10 minutes of the game. But since all those chances were missed, the score remained 1-0 until the final whistle.

FC Zurich will be playing their next home game against FC Thun on Wednesday evening.

FC Zürich - Grasshopper Club Zürich 1:0 (0:0)

Letzigrund - 13 683 Zuschauer - SR Studer

Tor: 59. Chiumiento 1:0

Zürich: Da Costa; Philippe Koch, Kecojevic, Djimsiti; Kukeli, Yapi; Rodriguez, Chiumiento (91. Buff), Schönbächler; Chikhaoui (77. Rossini); Chermiti (86. Etoundi)

Grasshopper Club: Davari; Pavlovic, Grichting, Dingsdag (78. Merkel), Jahic; Lang (84. Kahraba), Abrashi, Salatic, Ravet; Anatole (64. Caio), Dabbur

Bemerkungen: Zürich ohne Gavranovic, Kajevic, Raphael Koch, Oberlin, Sadiku (alle verletzt), Cédric Brunner, Kleiber, Malloth und Rikan (alle nicht im Aufgebot). Rikan wegen Geburt des Kindes abwesend. GC ohne Ben Khalifa (verletzt), Al Abbadie, Avdijaj, Bunjaku, Dieng, Garcia, Hossmann, Kubli und Tarashaj (alle nicht im Aufgebot); 29. Chermiti-Kopfball an die Latte.

Verwarnungen: 26. Kecojevic (Foul), 35. Grichting (Foul), 52. Kukeli (Foul), 65. Lang (Unsportlichkeit), 65. Djimsiti (Unsportlichkeit), 76. Philippe Koch (Foul), 90. Abrashi (Foul)


FC Zurich sign Ante Coric

FC Zurich sign Ante Coric

On loan for the 2021/2022 season

FC Zurich sign midfielder Moritz Leitner

FC Zurich sign midfielder Moritz Leitner

One-year contract until the summer of 2022

FC Zurich sign offensive player Akaki Gogia

FC Zurich sign offensive player Akaki Gogia

Two-year contract until the summer of 2023

FC Zurich sign striker Rodrigo Pollero

FC Zurich sign striker Rodrigo Pollero

On loan for the 2021/2022 season with buy option

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