2-2 against FC Basel – A Well-deserved Point for FC Zurich
0-0 Draw against FC Lugano

FC Zurich suffer 0-1 defeat against FC Lucerne

FC Zurich have lost the away game against FC Lucerne 0-1 this afternoon and have suffered their first defeat under new head coach Sami Hyypiä. As was already the case during the most recent matches, the team’s inefficient use of their chances was one of the deciding factors.

After a cautious beginning at the swissporarena in Lucerne, FC Zurich increased the pace on goal, but Christian Schneuwly gave away their best opportunity before the half-time break. During the second forty-five minutes, the visitors from Zurich played way too passive and had to concede the 0-1 by Samed Yesil on 51 minutes. FC Zurich keeper Yannick Brecher, who showed a very convincing game today, didn’t stand a chance to save this shot from close range.

Throughout the final 15 minutes of the encounter, the visitors vehemently pushed for the equalizer, but both Mario Gavranovic and Ivan Kecojevic didn’t have any luck with their efforts and the final score remained at 0-1 for the home side.

FC Zurich will be facing FC Basel in their next home game on Sunday, October 4 (kick-off 4pm).

FC Luzern - FC Zürich 1:0 (0:0)

swissporarena - 10 420 Zuschauer - SR Schärer

Tor: 51. Yesil 1:0

Luzern: Zibung; Thiesson, Affolter, Puljic, Lustenberger; Arnold; Kryeziu (74. Haas), Hyka (87. Fandrich), Freuler; Marco Schneuwly, Yesil (65. Jantscher)

 Brecher; Brunner, Kecojevic, Djimsiti, Koch; Yapi (75. Grgic); Bua, Christian Schneuwly (65. Gavranovic), Buff, Simonyan (46. Chiumiento); Etoundi

 Luzern ohne Lezcano (gesperrt), Brandenburger, Rogulj, Sarr (alle verletzt), Schachten (krank), Cirjak, Kleiner und Oliveira (alle nicht im Aufgebot). Zürich ohne Kleiber, Kukeli, Sarr, Schönbächler (alle verletzt / rekonvaleszent), Alesevic, Baumann, Cabral, Nef und Vinicius (alle nicht im Aufgebot).

Verwarnungen: 21. Kecojevic (Foul), 35. Kryeziu (Foul), 68. Lustenberger (Foul), 89. Fandrich (Unsportlichkeit)


Mirlind Kryeziu joins SC Kriens on loan

Mirlind Kryeziu joins SC Kriens on loan

Until the end of the 2020/2021 season

Willie Britto joins FK Pohronie on loan

Willie Britto joins FK Pohronie on loan

Club in the Slovak Fortuna Liga

Shani Tarashaj in build-up training with FC Zurich

Shani Tarashaj in build-up training with FC Zurich

Practice with the U21s for the time being

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