2-2 Draw between FC Sion and FC Zurich
Uli Forte Appointed FC Zurich Head Coach until the End of the Season

FC Zurich Suffer 0-3 Defeat against FC St Gallen

Just a couple of days after the appointment of Uli Forte as head coach of the first team, FC Zurich have not been able to get back on a winning track as they’ve lost their away game against FC St Gallen 0-3.

From kick-off, the players of FC Zurich found themselves under pressure, which resulted in the 1-0 for the home side by Danijel Aleksic from the spot in the 26th minute – Zurich defender Leonardo Sanchez had fouled his opponent in the box. Only 13 minutes later, Marco Aratore doubled his team’s lead to 2-0; FC Zurich’s offside trap had not been working properly in this instance.

The visitors from Zurich managed to show a reaction during the opening minutes of the second half. However, these efforts were strangled in the 53rd minute when Aratore netted in his second of the day to make the score 3-0 for St Gallen. The game was ultimately decided on 57 minutes when Leonardo Sanchez was sent off with his second yellow card. As a result, the Argentine defender will miss FC Zurich’s next away game against FC Sion this Sunday afternoon (kick-off 4pm).

FC St.Gallen - FC Zürich 3:0 (2:0)

AFG ARENA - 17 546 Zuschauer - SR Hänni

Tore: 26. Aleksic (Foulpenalty) 1:0, 39. Aratore 2:0, 53. Aratore 3:0

St.Gallen: Lopar; Hefti, Wiss, Angha, Hanin; Bunjaku (73. Lang), Mutsch, Gaudino, Aratore (87. Karadeniz); Aleksic (80. Leitgeb); Salli

Zürich: Favre; Brunner (38. Vinicius), Sanchez, Kecojevic, Koch; Sarr, Yapi; Koné (46. Etoundi), Chiumiento, Bua (68. Nef); Kerzhakov

 St.Gallen ohne Cueto, Dziwniel, Lässer, Tafer, Thrier (alle verletzt), Eisenring, Russo, Scherrer und Tréand (alle nicht im Aufgebot). Zürich ohne Buff (gesperrt), Alesevic, Brecher, Kleiber, Kukeli, Schönbächler (alle verletzt), Dominguez und Turkes (beide nicht im Aufgebot). 57. Pfostenschuss von Kerzhakov. 69. Tor von Salli aberkannt (Offside). 88. Tor von Lang aberkannt (Foul).

Verwarnungen: 25. Sanchez (Foul), 29. Hanin (Foul), 50. Etoundi (Foul)

Platzverweis: 57. Sanchez (2. gelbe Karte nach Foul) 


FC Zurich sign offensive player Akaki Gogia

FC Zurich sign offensive player Akaki Gogia

Two-year contract until the summer of 2023

FC Zurich sign striker Rodrigo Pollero

FC Zurich sign striker Rodrigo Pollero

On loan for the 2021/2022 season with buy option

FC Zurich sign Marc Hornschuh

FC Zurich sign Marc Hornschuh

Contract for the 2021/2022 season, with option for another year

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