FC Zurich – Swiss Cup Winners 2016!
2-2 Draw between FC Sion and FC Zurich

FC Zurich Beat Vaduz 3-1 but Are Nonetheless Relegated to the Challenge League

After 26 years in Switzerland’s highest football league, FC Zurich have been relegated to the Challenge League. Despite a 3-1 victory in their home game against FC Vaduz, the three points are not enough to save FC Zurich as their direct competitors for the last spot in the Super League, FC Lugano, beat FC St Gallen and remained in the top flight.

After a rather uneventful first half at the Letzigrund Stadium, FC Zurich increased their pressure on the Vaduz goal during the second forty-five minutes. However, following a Vaduz counterattack, Avdijaj put his colors 1-0 in front. FC Zurich managed to show an immediate reaction and was able to turn the game around to 3-1 thanks to three goals scored by Kecojevic, Buff and Koch in the space of just nine minutes. Nonetheless, the disappointment about the club’s relegation to the Challenge League was huge among players, staff and supporters after the final whistle.

“This is an enormous shock for all of us. This club belongs to the Super League and I hope that FC Zurich will soon make a comeback in Switzerland’s top league”, head coach Uli Forte said after the game. And he added: “Right now, we need to focus on Sunday and on the final of the Swiss Cup. We absolutely want to win this match.”

The final of the Swiss Cup against FC Lugano kicks off at 4.15pm.

FC Zürich - FC Vaduz 3:1 (0:0)

Letzigrund - 15 955 Zuschauer - SR San

Tore: 58. Avdijaj 0:1, 67. Kecojevic 1:1, 69. Buff 2:1, 76. Koch 3:1

Zürich: Favre; Sanchez (46. Grgic), Kecojevic, Kukeli (83. Simonyan); Yapi, Sarr; Koch, Buff, Bua (78. Chiumiento), Vinicius; Kerzhakov

 Klaus; Grippo, Gülen, Bühler, Borgmann; Kamber (56. Suter), Hasler (82. Janjatovic), Ciccone, Kukuruzovic; Costanzo (86. Kaufmann), Avdijaj

Bemerkungen: Zürich ohne Nef (gesperrt), Alesevic, Brecher, Brunner, Etoundi, Kleiber, Schönbächler (alle verletzt/rekonvaleszent) und Dominguez (nicht im Aufgebot). Vaduz ohne von Niederhäusern (gesperrt), Burgmeier, Fekete, Felfel, Messaoud, Muntwiler, Untersee (alle verletzt/rekonvaleszent), Baldinger und Sadiku (nicht im Aufgebot). 21. Lattenschuss Sarr. 48. Lattenschuss Sarr.

Verwarnungen: 32. Buff (Foul), 56. Koch (Foul), 60. Gülen (Foul)



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