Izer Aliu played for FC Zurich from 2009 to None.

21 — Izer Aliu

This was the player profile of Izer Aliu, who played for FC Zurich from 2009 to None. The profile is no longer actively maintained or kept up to date.

In Numbers


Matches 12
Shots on target 1
Assists 2
Minutes played 595
Substitutions 5
Substitutings 5
With the club since 2009
Biggest success Swiss champion U18
Former clubs FC Red Star, FC Adliswil
Yellow Cards 2
Red Cards 0
Yellow-Red Cards 0

In Words

Good technique

Date of birth 11/15/1999
Location of birth Zurich
Nationality Switzerland
Body height 180 cm
Body weight 70 kg
Hobbies Friends, gaming