U15 Oberland
Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place at the sports facilities Heerenschürli
Tuesday: 4:45 pm
Wednesday: 3:45 pm
Thursday: 4:45 pm
Friday: 4:45 pm

Team / Squad


Enrico Basetti Enrico Basetti Goalkeeper
Til Nägeli Til Nägeli Goalkeeper
Roman Rothenbach Roman Rothenbach Goalkeeper


Amadeo Bali Amadeo Bali Defense
Jayden Brüllmann Jayden Brüllmann Defense
Luana Bürge Luana Bürge Defense
Doron Lichtenstein Doron Lichtenstein Defense
Christ-Vie Mabiongo Christ-Vie Mabiongo Defense
Rio Vogt Rio Vogt Defense
Alessandro Walter Alessandro Walter Defense


Axel Bigler Axel Bigler Midfield
Hristo Buchmüller Hristo Buchmüller Midfield
Franklin Gulden Franklin Gulden Midfield
Meris Hadzic Meris Hadzic Midfield
Tim Jeisy Tim Jeisy Midfield
Gianluca Kobler Gianluca Kobler Midfield
Alessio Lebrino Alessio Lebrino Midfield
Matthew Charles Lokasa Matthew Charles Lokasa Midfield
Lukas Raduljevic Lukas Raduljevic Midfield
Lars Schaffner Lars Schaffner Midfield
Enis Tairi Enis Tairi Midfield
Emin Zeric Emin Zeric Midfield


Engjëll Limani Engjëll Limani Forward
Valentino Longo Valentino Longo Forward
Thierry Magnin Thierry Magnin Forward