U15 Oberland
Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place at the sports facilities Heerenschürli
Tuesday: 4:45 pm
Wednesday: 3:45 pm
Thursday: 4:45 pm
Friday: 4:45 pm

Team / Squad


Lorenz Coninx Lorenz Coninx Goalkeeper
Janis Stangelberger Janis Stangelberger Goalkeeper


Sambou Camara Sambou Camara Defense
Janina Egli Janina Egli Defense
Niklas Häusler Niklas Häusler Defense
Arydon Krasniqi Arydon Krasniqi Defense
Livio Spring Livio Spring Defense
Larissa Uetz Larissa Uetz Defense


Collins Amoako Collins Amoako Midfield
Eliano Cassese Eliano Cassese Midfield
Christ-Vie Mabiongo Christ-Vie Mabiongo Midfield
Marin Müller Marin Müller Midfield
Lorik Robelli Lorik Robelli Midfield
Niklas Vollmer Niklas Vollmer Midfield
Leon Xhota Leon Xhota Midfield


Elliot Boberg Elliot Boberg Forward
Cedric Löblein Cedric Löblein Forward
Pascal Utz Pascal Utz Forward
Slavko Vidovic Slavko Vidovic Forward
Martino Wyss Martino Wyss Forward