U15 Oberland
Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place daily at the sports facilities Buchholz (Uster) from Tuesday – Friday between 4.30pm and 6pm.


Team / Squad


Andres Aeschbach Andres Aeschbach Players
Adlan Benslama Adlan Benslama Players
Adrijan Bozhdaraj Adrijan Bozhdaraj Players
Andre Brasnjic Andre Brasnjic Players
Lendrit Dellova Lendrit Dellova Players
Amil Ferati Amil Ferati Players
Leonardo Frey Zalve Leonardo Frey Zalve Players
Manuel Gächter Manuel Gächter Players
Adam Gyöngyösi Adam Gyöngyösi Players
Artin Krasniqi Artin Krasniqi Players
Fatlind Krasniqi Fatlind Krasniqi Players
Georgije Lavrnja Georgije Lavrnja Players
Cadima-Mukasa Lusiola Cadima-Mukasa Lusiola Players
Yari Maccarrone Yari Maccarrone Players
Iwen Menzi Iwen Menzi Players
Silas Nötzli Silas Nötzli Players
Matteo Petito Matteo Petito Players
Farzad Rezai Farzad Rezai Players
Moreno Santurbano Moreno Santurbano Players
Neal Schallenberg Neal Schallenberg Players
Brian Schiegg Brian Schiegg Players
Altin Selimi Altin Selimi Players
Blerti Shala Blerti Shala Players
Mauro Vinzens Mauro Vinzens Players