Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place daily at the sports facilities Heerenschürli from Monday – Friday between 5pm and 6.30pm.

Team / Squad


Enrico Basetti Enrico Basetti Goalkeeper
Egezon Dauti Egezon Dauti Goalkeeper
Nevio Vetter Nevio Vetter Goalkeeper


Alessandro Walter Alessandro Walter Defense
Doron Lichtenstein Doron Lichtenstein Defense
Eldar Hujdur Eldar Hujdur Defense
Elohim Kamoko Elohim Kamoko Defense
Mattia Rizzo Mattia Rizzo Defense


Til Huber Til Huber Midfield
Mihael Cavar Mihael Cavar Midfield
Mario Greco Mario Greco Midfield
Till Frey Till Frey Midfield
Timo Gomez Timo Gomez Midfield
Leon Grando Leon Grando Midfield
Emrah Isic Emrah Isic Midfield
Lukas Raduljevic Lukas Raduljevic Midfield
Enis Tairi Enis Tairi Midfield
Sinan Ulu Sinan Ulu Midfield


Valentino Longo Valentino Longo Forward
Daniele Trivellin Daniele Trivellin Forward


David Vujevic David Vujevic Players