Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place daily at the sports facilities Heerenschürli from Monday – Friday between 5pm and 6.30pm.

Team / Squad


Dean Giglio Dean Giglio Goalkeeper
Mauro Vinzens Mauro Vinzens Goalkeeper
Micha Ziegler Micha Ziegler Goalkeeper


Alex Aitee Alex Aitee Defense
Len Bircher Len Bircher Defense
Ivan Kovacevic Ivan Kovacevic Defense
Yanik Kunz Yanik Kunz Defense


Enea Heiniger Enea Heiniger Midfield
Franklin Gulden Franklin Gulden Midfield
Patrice Kissling Patrice Kissling Midfield
Filip Klacar Filip Klacar Midfield
Timon Näpfer Timon Näpfer Midfield
Sebastian Walker Sebastian Walker Midfield
Emin Zeric Emin Zeric Midfield


Yannick Bettkober Yannick Bettkober Forward
Michael Hossli Michael Hossli Forward
Siro Sacconi Siro Sacconi Forward


Altin Selimi Altin Selimi Players
Jan Stocker Jan Stocker Players
Lendrit Dellova Lendrit Dellova Players
Levin Castagna Levin Castagna Players
Sofik Alili Sofik Alili Players
Yari Maccarrone Yari Maccarrone Players