Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place daily at the sports facilities Heerenschürli from Monday – Friday between 5pm and 6.30pm.


Team / Squad


Gianni De Nitti Gianni De Nitti Goalkeeper
Robin Riedi Robin Riedi Goalkeeper


Marc Basoglu Marc Basoglu Defense
Hussein Baydoun Hussein Baydoun Defense
Marco Curic Marco Curic Defense
Maurin Frehner Maurin Frehner Defense
Rachad Ganiyou Rachad Ganiyou Defense
Fabian Gloor Fabian Gloor Defense
Sven Kunz Sven Kunz Defense
Alessandro Membrino Alessandro Membrino Defense
Gérard Sigg Gérard Sigg Defense


Leandro Borner Leandro Borner Midfield
Mijo Jakovljevic Mijo Jakovljevic Midfield
Agon Kadriu Agon Kadriu Midfield
Giulian Medaglia Giulian Medaglia Midfield
Cyril Revel Cyril Revel Midfield


Giab Al Abbadie Giab Al Abbadie Forward
Sehar Etemi Sehar Etemi Forward
Dominik Fleischli Dominik Fleischli Forward
Daris Sabotic Daris Sabotic Forward
Silvan Schiess Silvan Schiess Forward