Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place daily at the sports facilities Heerenschürli from Monday – Friday between 5pm and 6.30pm.


Team / Squad


Luka Deronjic Luka Deronjic Goalkeeper
Alan Omerovic Alan Omerovic Goalkeeper


Bujar Ajeti Bujar Ajeti Defense
David Brunner David Brunner Defense
Colin Erdin Colin Erdin Defense
Selmin Hodza Selmin Hodza Defense
Andi Hoti Andi Hoti Defense
Ardi Morina Ardi Morina Defense
Leonid Srdic Leonid Srdic Defense
Silvan Wallner Silvan Wallner Defense


Leandro Aversa Leandro Aversa Midfield
Diego Corvalàn Diego Corvalàn Midfield
Kedus Haile-Selassie Kedus Haile-Selassie Midfield
Mats Hanke Mats Hanke Midfield
Lenny Janko Lenny Janko Midfield
Tim Kägi Tim Kägi Midfield
Miguel Reichmuth Miguel Reichmuth Midfield
Yasha Schärer Yasha Schärer Midfield
Leon Sopi Leon Sopi Midfield
Mehmet Yigit Mehmet Yigit Midfield


Yaro De Carvalho Yaro De Carvalho Forward
Arber Jusufi Arber Jusufi Forward
Nikola Senic Nikola Senic Forward