Results & Fixtures

Results & Fixtures

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Training times

Practice takes place daily at the sports facilities Heerenschürli from Monday – Friday between 5pm and 6.30pm.

Team / Squad


Cédric Künzli Cédric Künzli Goalkeeper
Kumel Al Rekabe Kumel Al Rekabe Goalkeeper
Patrick Zajac Patrick Zajac Goalkeeper


Yuro Bohon Diet Yuro Bohon Diet Defense
Sven Kunz Sven Kunz Defense
Noah Leao Muata Noah Leao Muata Defense
Martim Patricio Cardoso Martim Patricio Cardoso Defense
Andrej Trifunovic Andrej Trifunovic Defense


Niklas Sörensen Niklas Sörensen Midfield
Loren Arifi Loren Arifi Midfield
Alija Hadziarapovic Alija Hadziarapovic Midfield
Peter Sebök Peter Sebök Midfield
Mihail Stefanovic Mihail Stefanovic Midfield
Baris Ürün Baris Ürün Midfield
Bleon Xhemaili Bleon Xhemaili Midfield


Angelo Canelli Angelo Canelli Forward
Nevio Di Giusto Nevio Di Giusto Forward
Pirosch Fischer Pirosch Fischer Forward
Jared Lembo Jared Lembo Forward
Calixte Paul (Junior) Ligue Calixte Paul (Junior) Ligue Forward
Iwan Seglias Iwan Seglias Forward