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A Lovely and Successful Children's Party

The money that the children have received from their sponsors on the sponsors’ day is still being counted. Therefore, we cannot communicate any definite results and figures just as yet. But even if we don’t know the final numbers, one thing is for sure: The FC Zurich LetziKids sponsors' day and the Mini Olympics competition have been an outstanding success.

More than 100 kids and their families participated in the event enthusiastically and gave their very best. The participants not only demonstrated their football skills but also got to show their abilities in other sports and activities. Especially popular was the wheelchair course organized by TIXI (an institution providing car services for the disabled): Both young and old participants made such active use of the course that it was even made into a team competition in the afternoon.

Another pleasant event on this day was the visit of Yanik Brecher and Elvedin Causi, two young FC Zurich players. They joined the sponsors' day for interviews and an autographing session. Both of them are great role models for the kids and are certainly welcome to come to see the LetziKids again any time.