General terms and conditions

The purchaser of this ticket acknowledges the following conditions of the operating company FCZ AG (FCZ):

1. The ticket is only valid for the event and the sector/seat specified on the ticket and must be kept until the end of the event. The ticket entitles the purchaser to one single admission to the stadium; re-entry is not permitted. Children under the age of 6 may only enter the stadium when accompanied by an adult.
2. The ticket cannot beexchanged or returned. If the event is postponed or terminated early, please check for further ticketing information. Should the event be postponed, the ticket will also be valid for the new date and/or the new venue. Any claim for reimbursement or compensation is hereby expressly excluded.
3. FCZ reserves the right to relocate spectators in case of a security risk, a danger to the audience or any official orders issued by the authorities. The spectator accepts any restrictions without entitlement to any ticket exchange/return or claim of a minimum price.
4. Individual and season tickets are generally transferable. However, the ticket holder is liable for any damage caused by the person using his/her ticket to enter the stadium and may lose any entitlement to services associated with the ticket. Reduced individual and season tickets can only be transferred to people entitled to the same discount. Season tickets are transferable within the same age category.
5. If too many, individual tickets are purchased at a Ticketcorner advance booking office or via (third-party sales) or if they are purchased in error, they cannot be exchanged at FCZ. These individual tickets are subject to the terms and conditions of Ticketcorner.
6. If the purchaser receives none or only some of the services associated with the ticket due to an event for which FCZ is not responsible, the purchaser hereby completely and irrevocably waives any claim for reimbursement, compensation and any other claim for indemnity. In particular, this waiver applies if FCZ provides to the purchaser none or only some of the services associated with the ticket as a result of official orders issued by the authorities due to COVID-19, a pandemic, an epidemic or a similar event.
7. It is prohibited to resell the tiicket at a higher price than the one established by FCZ and to use the ticket for any commercial purposes (e.g. as a prize for a competition, as part of a travel package, etc.)
8. Photography, video and sound recordings of any kind are prohibited, except for non-commercial recordings intended for private use only.
9. Everybody enters the stadium at his/her own risk. To the extent permitted by law, any liability on the part of FCZ for person and property damages as well as any financial loss in connection with the event, its postponement or cancelation is excluded.
10. he purchaser of this ticket takes note that he/she may be filmed as part of the audience. He/she agrees that FCZ may use the related recordings, also for commercial purposes.
11. n addition to the above conditios, the conditions of the Swiss Football Association (SFV) and the Swiss Football League (SFL), the regulations of the Letzigrund Stadium as well as the General Terms and Conditions of Ticketcorner AG apply. In particular, the stadium regulations provide information on the items that may not be brought into the venue. Violation of these conditions (e.g. lighting fireworks, bringing prohibited items into the stadium, endangering/damaging others, violating a stadium ban) results in the violator’s immediate expulsion from the event without reimbursement. FCZ reserves the right to take any further legal action (stadium ban, criminal charge, compensation for damages, etc.) and to claim compensation for any inconvenience or costs.
12. The ticketing firm is no party to this contract. The only contractual relationship is between the purchaser of the ticket and FCZ.
13. The ticket contract is subject to Swiss law . The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.
14. FCZ explicitly distances itself from any ticket sellers such as overpriced third-party providers, external auction platforms and online ticket exchanges. FCZ rejects any responsibility for, and does not provide information about, prices, validity, etc. of tickets that have not been purchased from the official FCZ advance booking offices. On the contrary, FCZ reserves the right to block all tickets that have not been purchased from the official advance booking offices for security reasons. These tickets immediately lose their validity and no longer grant access to the stadium. There is no entitlement to any type of compensation. Any return, exchange or upgrade of these tickets is excluded (GTC). In order to protect yourself from such situations, we recommend that you only purchase tickets from the official FCZ advance booking offices.
15. Protection concept and official orders due to COVID-19
(a) Due to the epidemiological situation (COVID-19) and the official orders issued by the authorities and the responsible league bodies, FCZ is obliged to establish a protection concept for the home games at the Letzigrund stadium and any other FCZ events (hereinafter "FCZ events").
(b) The measures of the FCZ protection concept are binding for all participants at FCZ events. Among others, the protection concept includes the following:
  • Capacity reduction of the individual sectors (if necessary, spectators may be relocated)
  • No standing room
  • Collection of contact details of all participants at FCZ events (see section 16 below)
  • ID checks at the entrances to the Letzigrund Stadium (all spectators must carry a valid photo ID (passport, identity card, foreign resident's permit, Swiss driver's license) issued by an authority and present it on request)

(c) With the purchase of a ticket, the purchaser commits to comply with the instructions for the protection of public health issued by the authorities, the responsible league bodies (SFV, SL, FIFA, UEFA) and FCZ. In addition, the purchaser agrees to the measures of the protection concept.
(d) Violations of the above orders can lead to expulsion from the FCZ event and a stadium ban. FCZ exclusively reserves further rights (e.g. compensation for damages, etc.).
16. Collection of personal data due to COVID-19
(a) a) In order to protect the participants at FCZ events and public health, as well as for the purpose of quick traceability of possible chains of COVID-19 infection, FCZ collects the following information (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") from spectators at FCZ events:
  • date and place of the FCZ event
  • name, first name, domicile and (verified) mobile number of all participants at FCZ events
  • sector and seat of all spectators at FCZ events in the Letzigrund Stadium.

(b) The above personal data is collected before the participant enters the stadium to attend the FCZ event and may be shared with the responsible authorities to identify and notify persons suspected of being infected.
(c) The above personal data is protected from access by unauthorized third parties according to the law, is stored for up to 14 days after the FCZ event, and destroyed after 14 days. The processing of the above personal data is limited to the purposes mentioned under point 16. (a). No processing for other purposes (e.g. advertising, etc.) is performed.
17. COVID-19 disclaimer
The spectators attend all FCZ events at their own risk. FCZ rejects any liability in case of a possible COVID-19 infection at an FCZ event.