FC Zurich's Management Philosophy

A professional football club in Switzerland is just like an average small or medium-sized company regarding the number of employees, its business volume and business risk.

We therefore think that a purely non-professional system would not be able to carry out the club’s various tasks and assume its manifold responsibilities. As its income side highly depends on what’s happening on the pitch, the club’s leadership permanently finds itself in a demanding balancing act.
Also, as no one can plan or force success in sports, you cannot reliably plan for aim- and risk-oriented management. Instead, you need clear leadership and responsibility structures, defined competencies, internal and external communication, transparent decision-making, prudent financial conduct and adherence to adequate business rules (“Corporate Governance“).

We at FC Zurich are constantly moving within these limits. That’s why we always aim to adhere to, and operate within, the following strategic structures and objectives by:
  • being a reliable and honest business partner
  • managing our company seriously
  • taking on social responsibility for our employees
  • striving for national and international success
  • promoting and challenging our young players – both from a sports and a professional perspective
  • pursuing economic stability
  • and last but not least, taking care of our fans, members, shareholders and sponsors in the best way possible.

Our organization consists of structured business areas and its functional leadership comprises a professional management board. The Board of Directors is our organization’s supervisory body.